Can You design Props and Décor For Weddings And Parties?

Absolutely! We supply wedding banquets with an array of different décor, props and other interesting design ideas. Transparent acrylic wedding name charts, table lay-out boards, table number platelets, menu cards, invitations and name place settings acting as memorabilia to your guests.

Cyber Acrlics and Signs also manufactures MDF signs on a full bed 3D Router and 3d Laser to suit your needs.

Can you custom our design to size?

Yes, we can cut any design you require to the dimensions of your choice. This includes aluminium and any plastic we desire.

Simply upload your file in DXF, DWG or Coral Draw format on our website and we will quote you on it.

How pliable is plastics and acrylics?

At Cyber Acylic and Sign we have a 1.2m line heat bender which forms and molds your plastics and acrylics to shape. This is commonly used for photo stands and broacher holders.

What manufacturing options do you have?

We manufacture the following products. Stands, business designs mobile bars, hygiene screens, Acrylic boxes, plastic barricades, Acrylic tables, event props, wedding and party décor and memorabilia as well as 3D toy puzzles.

We also provide 3D Laser, 3D routing, glue and accessories for DIY hobby enthusiasts.

What is the prospective turn-around time for product manufacturing?

Paid orders have a process time of one to three business days for standard products. Customised designs will require additional process time and may vary from 3 to 7 working days.

What are your payment conditions?


Cyber Acrylics and Sign accepts payments instantly through PayFast or COD on site with prior approval.

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