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Renowned for its durability, heavy-duty and heat resistant traits, it has enjoyed premiere recognition for its usage in the refrigeration and automotive industries. It also does well in the printing and display market, as well as usage for wiring, appliances, pipes, hoses and computers.

This is an impact resistant, engineered, thermoplastic and amorphous polymer product which is one of the most highly sought-after mediums in plastics.

Used in engineering, Burglar proofing of windows it is a very strong, tough material and certain grades presents transparent. Easily moulded and thermoformed, it is versatile and used in many different applications. This is a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups in their chemical structure, which lends versatility to it.

Interesting fact – Polycarbonate is commonly used for eye protection wear, where the usage of glass is not functional. Polycarbonate lenses also protect eyes from UV light, which makes it perfect for protective construction eye gear.

These clear acrylic sheets have properties rendering it seven times more impact resistant than ordinary acrylic and up to seventy times stronger than glass. It is used where increased resistance is required to combat impact.

Known under many other tradenames, such as Cartonplast®, Polyflute, Coroplast, Gluteplast, IntePro, Proplec, Correx, Transplast, Corriflute or Cornflute, refer to a wide range of extrude twinwall plastic-sheet products, produced from high impact polypropylene resin. The similar makeup to corrugated fiberboard, offers a light weight, tough material often used for construction plastic containers, reusable packaging and commercial of political sign boards. Well known for its versatility, it plays a fundamental role in the signwriting industry, including Real Estate Sales boards, construction site boards and other promotional boards.

Interesting fact – Corriboard is highly sough-after for its ability to be recycled over and over, without losing its high durability and strength.

An internationally recognized product to the sign, advertising and construction markets, it captures attention with its versatility, often used for bold signage, and point of sale displays. Alupanel is superior quality composite panel made of aluminium composite materials. It features two 0.30mm aluminuim sheets, encasing a polyethylene core. Alupanel is alightweight and UV resistant compound, often used for outdoor projects, but also known for its effectiveness in building office partitioning.

Interesting fact – For general cleaning purposes, and particularly where an alupanel project has been tinted, a product with a PH balance less than 10, should be used that contains no bleach.

Predominantly used for industrial and manufacturing purposes, where it is dedicated to manufacturing signs and displays for promotional advertisements as well as road signs.

The makeup of the property has rendered it popular for the making of scale-models and theatrical props. Builders of yachts and composites used for experimental aircrafts, tend to revert to PVC Foam board as it is highly resistant to weather elements and can thus be used to encase other products, typically less resistant to harsh weather conditions.

A high strength to density ratio makes this material perfect for bottles, corrosion resistant piping, geomembranes and engineering applications. PEHD is a thermoplastic polymer, produced from monomer ethylene. At times referred to as ‘Alkathene’ or ‘Polythene’ when used for HDPE pipes.

Cast acrylic sheets are so strong, it is well known for its use in structural glazing, which creates weather and storm resistant windows, large bulletproof windows and durable skylights.

Being a labour intensive practice, casting is also an expensive one. Casting however provides a harder, stealthier and more consistent product. Lending a greater chemical resistance over extrusion, makes it the preferred material for bottling fragrances, lotions and other solvents. Lending further versatility, it is available in a range of custom colours for a great range of applications. Cast acrylic is more pliable, but less likely to bend, chip or melt during milling.

Costing less than cast and dimensionally more stable, it is softer with a lower melting temperature than in its cast form. Extruder Acrylic is easier to cut by laser and polishes more cost effectively.

We supply high quality aluminium sheets that can be cut to size. The use of aluminium is widely known in manufacturing of cans, foils, tins etc. But the creative side of aluminium is not so well known. Why don’t you ask us about the creative uses for aluminium for wedding venues, invitations and memorabilia.

Colours available are:
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange

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