ABS Plastic Sheets (Full Sheet) Cut To Size Calculator

R134.00R556.00 sq m

Please add your cut sizes below the price of the sheet will remain the same. Sold as Full Sheet.

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ABS Sheets can only be sold as full sheet only, But we will cut it to your required size. The combinations of the copolymers gives ABS plastic sheets excellent surface appearance that is scratch resistant and available with smooth or textured surface. ABS plastic has stronger, stiffer and tougher properties.). ABS plastic has superior resistance to high temperatures and chemicals compared to HIPSABS is a light and rigid material used in a variety of applications.

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0.9mm White (2500 x 1250), 1mm White (2500 x 1250), 1.5mm White (2500 x 1250), 2mm White (2500 x 1250), 3mm White (2500 x 1250), 4mm White (2500 x 1250), 1mm Black (2500 x 1250), 1.5mm Black (2500 x 1250), 2mm Black (2500 x 1250), 3mm Black (2500 x 1250), 1mm Yellow (2500 x 1250)


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