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Extruded Acrylic Tube  5MM – 200mm and Cast Tube 230MM – 500MM / Sold Per Linear Meter.

Produced by extruding the acrylic into the required tube diameter – this is called Extruded Acrylic Tube and provides an economical alternative to cast acrylic where aesthetic finish is less crucial, but the outside diameter available is limited to a maximum of 500mm.

Main advantages of using Extruded Acrylic Tube:

  • Available in small diameters from 5mm OD
  • Economical alternative to cast acrylic tube
  • Good manufacturing tolerances

Additional information

Select OD Size

OD 5mm x ID 3mm, OD 6mm x ID 3.5mm, OD 7mm x ID 5mm, OD 8mm x ID 4mm, OD 10mm x ID 7mm, OD 12mm x ID 8MM, OD 13mm x ID 10mm, OD 15mm x ID 13mm, OD 16mm x ID 12mm, OD 20mm x ID 16mm, OD 25mm x ID 21mm, OD 30mm x ID 26mm, OD 40mm x ID 36mm, OD 50mm x ID 46mm, OD 60mm x ID 56mm, OD 70mm x ID 64mm, OD 80mm x ID 74mm, OD 90mm x ID 84mm, OD 100mm x ID 94mm, OD 110mm x ID 104mm, OD 120mm x ID 114mm, OD 133mm x ID 127mm, OD 150mm x ID 144mm, OD 180mm x ID 172mm, OD 200mm x ID 192mm, OD 200mm x ID 194mm, OD 250mm x ID 242mm, OD 300mm x ID 290mm, OD 400mm x ID 392mm, OD 400mm x ID 390mm, OD 500mm x ID 490mm


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