PLEXIGLAS® Acrylic Mirror (Full sheet) Cut to Size Calculator ( No Stock-Please Email us!!!)

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Custom size orders. Saw cut as standard, Please add your cut sizes below the price of the sheet will remain the same. Sold as Full Sheet.

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Maximum Sheet Size 2050 X 1525

The benefits of using acrylic mirror outweigh those of using traditional glass. It is less problamatic when being cut to size, easier to install and is safer when in position, particularly if it’s in a public area. We offer a wide range of acrylic mirror options.

  • Acrylic mirror is lightweight, making it easy to manoeuvre and fix into place.
  • It is impact resistant and shatterproof, perfect for using in areas where health and safety is a concern.
  • They have easy to clean surfaces, that are less likely to stain or smear.
  • Popular for use in areas such as gyms, horse stables, dance studios, schools, and public areas where impact may be a risk and attention to public safety is required.
  • They are UV resistant and will not discolour.
  • It is a strong and durable material.
  • Easy to cut into shape as required without chipping or splintering.
  • Cost effective for large amounts of acrylic mirror.

Please note

Acrylic mirror should not be used outdoors as it may absorb moisture if exposed to high humidity or damp environments.

Additional information

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2mm Thick Silver, 3mm thick Bronze, 3mm Thick Silver, 3mm Thick Gold


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